Evolution & Growth

Rajalakshmi Renewables Pvt Ltd (RRPL) is a leading independent power producer (“IPP”) in the South of India. It is part of the Rajalakshmi Group of companies with over 1,500 members of staff with engineering capability at its core. RRPL is justifiably proud of the fact that more than 75% of its staffs are technically qualified.














Work force with the expertise in analytics and trouble shooting is the key for the successful operation of wind farms. RRPL has the advantage of recruiting and retaining adequate man power by appropriate infusion of fresh talents selected from the colleges belonging to RAJALAKSHMI group as and when necessity arises to ensure steadfast operation.

South India and Tamil Nadu, in particular, has some of the highest wind generation capability and therefore it is no surprise that the state is a leader in wind energy in India:

  • India is the world’s 4th largest wind energy producer already with 35 GW installed
  • This is still significantly behind China with 220GW, USA with 90GW and Germany with 60MW*
  • India has set itself a realistic target of 60GW by 2022
  • Tamil Nadu is #1 state with 8.5GW* and way ahead of AP with 2.2GW and Gujarat with 1.3GW)**
  • Tamil Nadu is expected to hit 15 GW by 2027 ***

RRPL is looking forward to exploiting this substantial opportunity. It is one of the true pioneers having started with a small capacity of just 120kW in the early 1990s when the sector was in a fledgling stage. As a result, its team and management are well respected by its peers, suppliers, utilities, and customers as a reliable player. Current clients include prestigious companies like Ashok Leyland Limited and Hinduja Foundries Ltd.

RRPL is now embarking on a plan to expand its current capacity of 63MW to over 500MW within the next 5 years. It has an ambitious plan to build on not only Greenfield sites but also Brownfield sites as many site owners may not have wind generation at the core of their business or have difficulties in availing of project finance. RRPL is partnering with world-leading financial institutions both at home and abroad.

Most importantly, RRPL wants to be a pioneer in the Repowering and Reengineering of old Wind assets. Repowering is the process that replaces aged turbines with technologically superior and higher capacity ones to attain optimal generation. Periodic trainings on latest developments taking place globally in wind sector have ensured RRPL’s engineers’ ability to handle repowering in a competitive way.

Since Tamil Nadu has one of the highest wind potential areas in India this Repowering and Reengineering can improve power efficiencies and generate more green energy from the same site area improving the environmental ratios such as power/acre. In effect, this strategy will improve the PLFs (plant load factors) of older plants, a strategy supported by the Tamil Nadu state government’s electricity board and utilities.

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