Wind Power Program

RRPL is a leading IPP in Tamil Nadu, South India. It runs its own power units and has power purchase agreements (PPAs) with blue chip customer and utilities.

The power from green sources such as wind and solar are aimed to fulfill several goals such as energy security, economic development, climate change mitigation, rural development and employment generation.

Existing Assets

Expansion Programme

It is now poised to take advantage of the demand-driven and environmental need of the day. It has several projects that will generate several long-term revenue streams:

  • Expand its own portfolio on its own free sites
  • Repower and Reengineer up to 150MW of its own and 3rd party sites
  • Build and operate 300MW of pre-approved Brownfield sites
  • Plan, acquire, build and operate 50MW of new Greenfield sites
  • Acquire assets which are non-core to the owners or effected by lack of finance
  • Acquire a wind turbine manufacturing capability to become vertically integrated

By achieving the above, RRPL hopes to remain a pioneer in field of wind and continue to be respected by its peers, suppliers, utilities, customers and other stakeholders.

Wind Power: Who says the best things in life are not free – wind is.